Magdalena Markowska

Magdalena Markowska

PhD student in Linguistics at Stony Brook; affiliated with IACS lab

Advisor: Jeffrey Heinz

Email: magdalena.markowska <at> stonybrook <dot> edu


I'm a second-year PhD student at Stony Brook University in the Linguistics Department. I'm also affliated with the Institute for Advanced Computational Science (IACS). My research interests revolve around computational phonology, mathematical linguistics and formal language theory. I'm also working on tonal grammar of an understudied language of Cameroon, Shupamem.

What's new?

August 2021

I presented at Eighteen Sigmorphon Workshop [slides]

June 2021

I started working on a new project on how language signals cognitive state. PI: Owen Rambow

June 2021

I volunteered to teach a session on finite-state transducers at Summer Youth Camp for Computational Linguistics (SYCCL)



  • I started PhoRum, a phonology reading group at Stony Brook University in Fall 2020